The Best Ways of Making Money as a Web Hosting Affiliate

Top internet marketers and bloggers have been voicing their opinions on affiliate marketing since this niche hit the online world. They say that it is one of the most profitable ways to make a steady income flow from your website. This commission model has made several people rich just by promoting and selling different web hosting companies.

You have picked your ideal domain name and web hosting provider, and your online business is ready to go, how do you make sure affiliate marketing works for you?

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Earn money through Your Domain

  • High domain commissions – Affiliate programs come with insane commissions so hosting them will be sure to bring your online website great sales. A hosting provider like Hostgator has a pyramid-like system where you can make sales every month. The higher the sales, the higher the commission you receive. So you may end up making a minimum of $50 to a maximum of $125 on commissions for sales made.
  • Increase your web hosting building popularity Nowadays, interest in site building has grown tremendously. The sure thing is that the market is there. All you need to do is attract them to buying through you. Some of the ways to do this is through good SEO work, making good use of coupons, and promoting your site through social networks. The number of people looking to build their sites is growing by the day, and they will need to buy hosting at some point. If you play your cards right with some corresponding information and articles, you will be making some serious cash.
  • Suggest niches for your domain’s clients – There are some topics you would use to reap in great results and bring in some money. Topics like coding tips, technology, and how to design/create a website have a high potential of getting you paid. And your niche does not need to be only about hosting, you can write on something else as well. Sites like AdSense and pay you for your niche and keywords, but there are those that pay for anything good you write such as Hostgator. So you have some good choices.
  • Discount Coupons for hostingMany hosting affiliates give coupon codes to you so when someone purchases a hosting plan via that coupon, you get the commission. The best way to reap from this is to make the codes as simple as possible to make it easy for people to remember. Then start marketing them on your blog mentioning the discount offer. You can earn so much more if you use those coupons well.


With hosting companies giving all these great opportunities to earn extra income, you need only work hard to start earning from them.

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